Retained Executive Search

Executive Search With Results

The Hunter Group is a retained executive search firm, located in Detroit Michigan. When you retain us for a search, you receive the consultative support of a dedicated partner-only search team that focuses on your hiring needs. We will keep searching until a suitable candidate is placed.

Our Search Process

Develop The Search

Upfront planning leads to better search results.

Our partners invest significant time upfront consulting with our clients to develop a thorough understanding of the company culture, job requirements and characteristics of the ideal candidate. We find that this pays dividends for our clients by resulting in a faster and more successful talent recruiting process.

Based on our conversations, we will develop the search profile for the position and finalize approval to launch the search.

Identify Candidates

The best candidates are not necessarily looking for a new opportunity.

The Hunter Group partners cover all of the bases to ensure that we find the best candidates for your needs. We leverage our extensive network of qualified candidates, as well as look for talent in comparable positions or with comparable firms.

Once we identify a long list of potential candidates, we will do the ground work to filter the list down to a manageable number of qualified candidates to present.

Present Candidates

Invest your time in interviewing only qualified candidates.

To get the most return from your time investment, The Hunter Group will only present candidates with the highest potential to meet your hiring needs. The candidates we present to you are limited to the ones that have the greatest potential to successfully fit into your organization, both from a technical perspective as well as cultural fit.

To further maximize your convenience, we do the work to set up the interviews and help you to choose the best candidate.

Support Closing

Once the candidate signs, there is still work to be done.

Studies show that the professionalism of the search process, as well as the on-boarding, have a strong impact on the candidate’s initial impression of your company and their overall satisfaction with their new job.

The Hunter Group helps you create a positive closing and on-boarding experience so that the new hire begins their career with you with the best possible experience.

Benefits of Retained Search

The costs of a retained search should be weighed against the overall positive returns of the process:

  • A faster search process – what is the opportunity cost of not filling the position quickly?
  • Reduced drain on management’s time – how much time can you devote to recruiting?
  • A national (or international) search – how broad a net can you cast for candidates?
  • A professional recruiting image – candidates judge a company based on the recruiting process.
  • Finding the right fit – the wrong cultural fit can force you to start over, costing you time and money, and creating dissatisfaction.